Patient Support and Assistance

Patient Support

Patient Support and Assistance come in many forms through the Foundation:

Volunteer Services – Supported by gifts to the Foundation, over 50 volunteers lend a helping hand and items of comfort to patients and their families.

Trust in Hope – The Foundation’s Trust in Hope program provides compassion and support to cancer patients and their families during the holidays. In the last six years alone, nearly 1,000 Thanksgiving meals have been delivered and nearly 60 families with over 160 children have received holiday gifts.

Genetics – The Foundation supports genetic screening programs to identify hereditary cancers, with special emphasis on families at risk for hereditary colorectal and breast cancer. These pilot projects are geared to serve as the gateway for additional genetic screening opportunities, such as 1) screening all uterine cancers, since 50% of women with hereditary colorectal cancer will have uterine cancer if they are not detected; 2) screening breast cancer patients with a strong family history but negative for BRCA1/2; and 3) screening thyroid cancers. Bottom line – the best care we can provide is through prevention.

Additionally, we support studies that offer targeted oral therapies to patients whose tumors have “driver mutations” found through molecular sequencing. Thanks to generous contributions to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation, eligible patients can receive financial assistance for their tumor sequencing when needed. These programs empower families to understand their risks, provide relief from uncertainty, and make informed decisions about their health care.

Lymphedema Support – Through a grant partnership with OSF Saint Francis Medical Center’s Outpatient Rehab Services, we help the under-insured and those without insurance acquire the supplies they need to manage their lymphedema.

Transportation Assistance – The Foundation has grants in place to help financial disadvantaged patients get to and from their clinic appointments through distribution of fuel cards.